La Villa des Ternes will be closed for renovation starting November 30, 2014. Re opening is scheduled for May 4, 2015. View our other hotels (AD-hotels)

Special offers La Villa des ternes hotel


Early Booking

Our “Early Booking” often make our clients happy in Paris! “Première Rates”? Qu'est-ce que c'est? They are simply discounted rates for rooms booked well in advance. All year round, be the first to book and enjoy our “Première Rates”!

Because yes, all year round, we offer beneficial rates for those book their room well in advance. These “Première Rates” are non reimbursed and valid for all the different types of rooms at the hotel, all year round!

Book early, spend less! So if you already know the dates of your stay in Paris and you can book in advance for popular periods of the year like the Summer or Easter holidays, consult us soon! We have our “Première Rate” to offer you so that the Villa des Ternes becomes your ideal Parisian escapade between the Champs-Elysées and la Défense.

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