La Villa des Ternes will be closed for renovation starting November 30, 2014. Re opening is scheduled for May 4, 2015. View our other hotels (AD-hotels)

Special offers La Villa des ternes hotel


Gourmet Paris!

What a joy to open your eyes and wake up in Paris, a few steps from the Champs Elysées! During a night in a cosy room, you can rediscover the luxury and the discrete charm of a chic and warm setting. Then, you’ll get all excited before a large breakfast buffet… Our « Paris Gourmet » offer is available all year round and for all the categories of rooms!
It almost seems like you would only be coming to the Villa des Ternes, between the Champs Elysées and la Défense, for its breakfast buffet… The gourmets are not only full of praise about the golden brown pastries, the crispy bread rolls, the creamy marmalades, the delicious savoury dishes, the fruit juices with plenty of vitamins, but also about the tea and the coffee…
A part from the breakfast buffet, many other reasons argue in favour of a stay at our 3* « Boutique hotel ». In a typical Parisian district, the nearness to various boutiques, cafés and restaurants also favours the choice of Villa des Ternes. With our special « Paris Gourmet » offer, you can enjoy all these good reasons to come to Paris all year round - including the breakfast buffet, cancellations and changes without any extra charge up until the day before you arrive!
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